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Tina Bryant
Cathy DiSomma
Nutrition 101

RDA/AI Comparison (Nutrient Report) My dietary intake compared to the recommended RDA and AI requirement was ok. Unfortunately I work full time and I go to school full time so I really don’t have a lot of time to prepare my meals because I am always on the go. A) The RDA subgroup I would fall under is the 19-30 I am 30 years old female and considered “Obese”. Coming back to college hasn’t exactly been very friendly to my waistline either. I find myself eating more on the go meals which are contributing to my constant weight gain. My AMDR for carbohydrates is 48%, Proteins was 76%, and fats were 35%. B) The nutrients recommendations that I met were protein, total fat, selenium, zinc, vitamin B6, B12 & C, foliate, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin. Sadly of all the vitamins I have only ever been familiar with vitamin B6, B12, C and foliate. C) The nutrient recommendations that I fell below in was total calories, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, D, E & K and choline. D) The nutrient recommendation’s that I exceeded were saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Choose my plate (Food Group Report)
Based on my 3 day food diary the foods groups that I went over on were refined grains, Vegetables (starchy, red & orange), cheese, meat, poultry, eggs, nuts, soy and seeds. I should have consumed more vegetables but where would the fun in that be? B) Unfortunately the food groups that I did ok in were not to be found. C) The food groups that I went under the recommended amount were vegetables (dark & green, red & orange, beans & peas, and starchy). D) The food groups that I went over the recommended amount were the refined grains. Where are they hiding the whole grains? I think most food today are broken down so much that the closest you will get to a healthy diet is if you grow the food yourself.

Dietary Guidelines for American Comparison

A)I did not meet the calorie intake, activity level and weight requirement of the dietary guidelines because I overate all the wrong things, and did not get an adequate amount of exercise in my daily routine. B) I also did not meet the guidelines of what food to eat more often because I consumed less of what I should have like more dark green vegetable and balancing out of my portions. I also did not take into consideration the time I ate my meals I ate whatever I wanted at whatever time. C)I did not meet the guidelines of what foods to eat less because the foods I should have been eating more of I ate less of. D) I did meet the dietary guidelines for alcohol consumption because I am only a social drinker. And since starting back school I don’t have a social life so therefor I don’t drink.

American Heart Association Recommendations

A) Recommended total fat intake is 25-35%. My total was 35% I met the recommended intake for the 3 days.
B) Recommended total Saturated fat intake is less than %10. My saturated fat intake was %11 so I did not meet the daily requirements for my 3 days.
C) Recommended Cholesterol intake in less than 300mg. My cholesterol intake was 418mg and I definitely exceeded required intake for my 3 days.
D) Recommended Sodium intake is less than 2300mg. My intake was 4840mg, I superseded the daily intake.
I must say that after keeping a log of how I ate for just 3 days I am truly embarrassed. In the past year I have decided to get my life back on track and go back to school with the hopes of obtaining my Nursing Degree. While one portion of my life is going so well and showing such promise the other portion is falling apart and that is my health. When I attended college years ago things were much different because all I had to focus on was school so me not eating healthier at that time was simply my laziness. Now over a decade later I have a full time job working 40+ hours a week and going to school full time so meal planning definitely goes out the window.