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Project Details

Project Name
Road extension
Project ID
Client / Sponsor
Rod Watton
Road extension to provide access for new leased lots
Project Manager
Clifford G A Blaney

Document Management
Distribution List
Rodney Watton

Geoff Greenfields
Civil Engineer

Paul Gallen
Brisbane City Council Rep.

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Executive Summary

Blaney Civil Constructions has being handed the task to plan and construct a road extension to provide access for newly subdivided lots located at 65 Ethel street, Chermside, QLD 4032. The client /sponsor of the project is Rod Watton who expects the project to be finished within 3 months under a budget of $250,000.

The main objectives of this Project Management Plan is to ascertain and accomplish the main things listed below

A base scope

Essential project processes

Product Procedures

Control Management Systems

These will be used will be used through the different stages of the project lifecycle to monitor and control every aspect of the project.

After the road extensions completion has been achieved the road will supply access to two sub divided lots, as well as providing the street with stormwater drains, sewer, communication conduits, footpaths on road reserve and electrical to property boundary’s. Also for future lots adjacent to the subdivision they will have access to these services.

The barriers for the road extension are:

There are residents that use the existing road connecting to the proposed extension.

Busy use of roads near by public, which could be a hindrance in bringing machines.

Schools and houses in the area, noise levels could be a problem and safety might be compromised.
Scheduled Duration
The client’s imposed duration that has been outlined is that the project completion has been within a timeframe of 6 months.
Planned Budget
The client’s budget is bordered at a price of $250,000 for the proposed road extension. Preliminary costing’s of the inclusions the total will come to $234900 (including contingency funding) and the preliminary time schedule for project completion is 148 days, which is a little under 5 months.
To make sure that no false effects and dubious outcomes happen through any stage of the project, all parties involved are subject to a formal agreement that overlies the risks, schedule and proposed budget of the project.

1. Project Introduction
Client sponsor Rod Watton, has requested the services of Blaney Civil Constructions to provide 1 work package out of a Development. Each part of the development has its own needs which have been broken down into 5 work packages. Brief explanation of other work packages for reference can be located in the appendix.

The package that relates to this Project Management Plan is Work package 5 which is a proposed road extension of 35m along Ethel Street Chermside QLD 4012. This is to cater for two recently subdivided lots that are part of one of the other work packages within the development.

Overview of Ethel Street – retrieved from coronis property management.

Integration Management
Integration Management is the everyday activity that the project manager undertakes to make sure the project’s parts are working together e.g. (managing the process as well as the product). It includes the activities and processes required to recognize, co-ordinate, unite and describe the things relating to the Project Management Process Groups. (Pmbok 4th edition, 2008, p. p77)

2.1. Project Governance Board


Project Director :Johnson Faulkner


Client: Rodney Watton