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Ashlea Beckner
English 1301
5 August 2013
Schools Need God

On a daily basis a Christian’s faith is tested. At a young age we are subjected to following our parents everywhere they go and learn from them, from the grocery store to church on Sundays. Church is where a child first learns the basics of what it means to be a Christian. It is very important while the child is growing up that faith is continuously placed in their life. Private faith based schools are during an incredible job when it comes to allowing their students to mature in faith based programs. Public schools across America have seen an increase of violence and need to bring the focus back to teaching their students about what this country was founded upon.

Many people disagree with putting God back into the school system, because they feel teachers should be teaching English, math, history, and science. On the same note they believe the job of parents is to teach their children about God, and the difference between right and wrong. As many people agree that is a parents job to teach these things, it also lingers in the back of your mind that when your child is away from you are they learning things that back up your teachings, or do they demolish them?
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Because many parents want their children to grow up with a strong faith and a heart that yearns for the Lord, they send them to Private faith based schools. These schools give the parents a sense of security knowing that the work they have put in to develop their child is not going down the drain. These schools allow for the development of the child to be paced on their time and they get one on one time with their teachers. These schools have certain systems that do not allow for social isolation. They believe in no child left behind and continue to do team building programs and focus on making sure all children get their needs met.

While major episodes of violence in school is rare, surveys have come to the conclusions that certain characteristics and traits can make a killer. These signs include mental illness, depression, social anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. Dr. Frank Robertz says, “The majority of these killings are pre-mediated and carried out by adolescents that wish bodily harm, and harbor ill feelings toward any and everyone.” According to experts two major factors include mental illness, and social isolation. Dr. Robertz goes on to say, “If a child has good social bonds, good attachment to other people, a good involvement in society, and something to believe in – all that stuff that prevents them from wishing harm. But if you do not have these bonds – these protective factors – you are more likely to commit a violent crime on innocent people.” (PBS – Wake Up Call)
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Mike Huckabee the former governor of Arkansas weighed in his thought on the massacre at the elementary school in Newtown in a public announcement, stating, “The crime was no surprise, because we have “systematically removed