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Steamers fresh seafood
Just last fall I was introduced to a fried shrimp Po’Boy sandwich, I was a bit skeptical due to it being my first of many. As I entered the newly renamed building, I was firstly greeted by a friendly voice and a friendly smile to tag along with it. Not knowing what to order I asked for the daily special, the young lady insisted I have the weekly Wednesday five dollar Po’Boy meal. She quickly led me to a Bartender which was a very friendly, familiar faced, jokester, by the name of Walter. The bartender kept me entertained with his comedian attitude as I waited for my order. My order came quickly no less than five to six minutes, which was the same amount of time it took me to devour that meal five to six minutes.
Steamers a newly opened restaurant located on McFarland Blvd in Tuscaloosa will introduce you to a world of fresh seafood. Serving anything from: Shrimp, Snow crab legs, Oysters, Chicken, Pasta and Salad. The standard menu items are endless; they are currently running a special for Alligator and frog legs. Which are seasonal items you can only get certain times of the year. Along with that they started a special on Valentine’s Day which includes an offer of All you can eat crawfish for $25 a person.
The restaurant was recently renamed and newly owned by a set of twin brother’s Heath and Keith Wyatt, but the store is run by General Manager Vince Vanzile. The building was actually a club name Hawk’s operated by Robert Bishop who is actually the