Research Paper On Sports Fanatics

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Jennifer Monroy
Professor Higgins
English 100
21 April 2013
Intended Audience For my research paper, my intended audience is sports fanatics. Although I will try to only do my research paper on how baseball athletes are sometimes left unpunished because they are athletes, I hope that all sports fanatics can come to realize that fair punishments should be enforced in all sports and not just one. Of course, depending on the level of the sport (i.e. college sports or professional) the punishments should vary. Nevertheless, I must be very careful when striving to persuade the fans. I know how difficult it can be to persuade a fan for change on their sport. It is never easy to acquire support because we, the fans, do not like any changes. We feel as if the changes will somehow interfere with the way the sport is play and how truthful the sport is. When approaching fans with any hope to modify the game in which ever way, I feel that it must be approached softly. I need to somehow sneak in my persuasion; it cannot be so obvious that they know what my true intentions are. Many fans are very hardcore and others are more of a “bandwagon” so my form of persuasion needs to make sure I can reach out to all fanatics and make sure to get those that do not really care, to care, and get those who think athlete are gods to realize they are normal human beings as the rest so they must pay their dues just as everyone else would. Perspectives vary on the fans, there are different views and some could easily see why athletes must be treated equally. However, there are other fans who think that athletes aren’t subject to what the majority is just because they are athletes and they should get