Research Paper On Spring Break Vacation

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For this year’s spring break trip, I will be preparing to travel to Satellite Beach, Florida to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins. I will be staying in Florida for the entire spring break and have many activities scheduled and planned such as going to the beach, a snorkeling excursion trip as well as going out to eat at one of the best seafood restaurants in the area. Prior to flying to Florida for this trip, there are many risks that can be associated with this trip as well as with the activities that I have planned in advance for the week. The first thing that has to be accomplished in preparing for my spring break trip to Florida is the purchasing of a ticket from Cincinnati to Florida for the week. When buying a plane ticket for the trip, there are a number of different risks that need to be addressed and thought about, in regards, to making the correct choice in handling the situations. Since our spring break is the beginning of March and around this time it is still relatively cold, there is a risk on the day of departure from Cincinnati to Florida that the weather could potentially be bad and prevent me from going to Florida. After identifying this risk to the trip, one way to mitigate the risk of this situation is when I go to buy my plane ticket for the trip, it might be necessary to pay the extra dollar amount to receive the insurance aspect for this trip so that in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstance, I will still be able to leave Cincinnati and get to Florida as soon as possible. This insurance policy would allow me to be able to go on the trip and allow me to have an idea of what to expect and the procedures necessary to go about handling this situation if my flight were to be delayed or cancelled. Also, another risk that I would need to be prepared for is when boarding the plane with any type of carry on luggage, it will be necessary to know whether or not the plane is big enough for me to bring my bag on or if it will have to be checked at the gate. If the bag has to be checked, there is always a risk that the people working could potentially put the bag onto the storage of another plane, so to mitigate this risk, I could either potentially try and bring my bag onto the plane and find a way for it to fit under my seat or above in the overhang compartment or tell and make sure the airline employee takes my bag and puts it in the right area for the bags that have to go on the plane I will be flying on. One of the few things I plan and schedule doing when in Florida is planning a day or two to just to relax and have a good time at the beach. With the weather usually pretty nice most of the time, there is little to worry about in regards to preventing me from going to the beach. However, there is one thing that always worries me and that is getting sunburn since I tend to burn when outside for long periods of time. To reduce any kind of risk of this happening, when I plan to go to the beach, once I arrive in Florida, I usually make sure that I have an umbrella and some good quality sunscreen that is waterproof. This allows me to stay in the shade and out of the sun when needed as well as allowing me to not have to reapply more sunscreen when I get out of the water, and apply it only when I feel like I need too. Usually to avoid any type of sun damage, I reapply sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure that I can make the whole day at the beach without getting sunburn. By preparing early before going on the trip, it allows me to get the necessary equipment ready for me to take to prevent this type of bodily risk from harming me. Another aspect of this trip that would have to be planned prior to flying to Florida for spring break is the excursion day trip for snorkeling. This process has the potential to be very difficult because of the vast amount of businesses that have excursion trips throughout the different areas of where I will be that take locals and tourists to different parts of the