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Mark Bigott Sec: 1760 Stress may have a variety of factors that make enduring it a walk through hell. If I had to sum up stress, I would say it’s large emotional luggage that only gets heavier with time until it comes time to unpack it. In other words it’s this horrible overwhelming feeling that builds up when you can’t take full control of a given situation at that current moment. I believe that un certainty of a situation is what stress is all about. What makes stress worse is that it stacks with other stress phenomenon that deprives you of positive emotions. Essentially thoughts on the past and future can lead you towards feeling stress just because you don’t know what’s to come. I’ve never actually been able to escape stress, nor have I ever tried to rid stress with stimulants. I’ve been able to coup with stresseful situations that can’t be resolved right then and there by focusing on what is happening momentarily. About three years ago I had an 11 page research paper on a famous poet along with a few minor assignments due the following week after spring break. Homework is generally pretty stressful when you have tedious amounts. That feeling of laziness along with the fact that time is ticking away has always made me stressed since starting homework is generally the most difficult part. What I usually do to relieve the overwhelming thought of completing a huge assignment is to get it started right away, trying to get the hardest part done. This brought my stress levels down which cleared my head as my mind was gaining momentum with ideas to use for my paper. I had been able to complete the smaller assignments after finishing the beginning of my essay diminishing a stressor one at a time. I had finally been able to complete my paper before the given date which allowed me to enjoy the rest of my spring break. Though the long term stress was over, another stressor was awaiting my arrival. The day my paper was due, I had to present a power point presentation about my research to the whole class. When that day had come, I was enveloped in anxiety when I had entered the class. I wasn’t confident about explaining what I knew about my project to my classmates since I hadn’t made any preparations beforehand. Knowing you are going to be judged on your performance causes immediate stress or anxiety which I feel is the worst kind. Once I had finished my presentation
I had instant relief when I was no longer the center of attention. Stress often seems to dissipate after the circumstance had taken its course. Anxiety I feel is stress at its peak since you’re trying to take control of the here and now. Anxiety is a pretty common stressor just because you are unsure about how to go about the situation or how it will end up. Almost a year ago during my senior year in High school, prom was around the corner. I didn’t quite have a date lined up yet but I was scheming an idea to go about successfully getting a date. I was influenced greatly by my group of friends that if you’re going to do