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15 October 2014 Teenage Suicide How upset would a parent be if his or her teenager committed suicide today? According to Barbara Mantel, “Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among 13-19 year-olds, after unintended injury and before homicides” (Mantel). Teenage suicide is one of the biggest growing concerns in the world today. Constantly teens are taking their own lives because of things such as; depression, bullying, feelings of loneliness, aggressiveness tendencies, society and numerous mo events that can cause suicide. There are organizations, commercials, movies, and there are even some parents and peers that are involved in this dreadful commodity, but what about schools? Schools usually have bullying programs for students but never really suicide prevention programs. All schools should embrace suicide prevention programs because, they provide teens with someone to confide in, could possibly modify teens decision and it adds to raising awareness. According to Stephen D. Whitney, “Many schools administrators are uncomfortable screening students. In one small study, principals thought many parents would object, and they themselves believed that asking if they are depressed is the responsibility of parents, not schools”(Whitney). This statement isn’t necessary false but, teens spend the majority of their time at school anyway, therefore; suicide prevention programs should commence there. “At school, students have the greatest exposure to multiple helpers such as teachers, counselors, coaches, staff and classmates who have the potential to intervene, according to Gene Cash” (Cash). Some people will also argue that providing school based suicide prevention program requires a lot of money and only reduces suicide attempts not the death rates which are all valid points. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to try and see what the outcomes would be.
School-based suicide prevention programs allow teens to talk about their problems and confide in other people. Teens that want to commit suicide are usually distant due to the fact that they do not have many family members or friends that they can discuss their issues with. School-based suicide prevention programs can aid teens by informing them that they have people that understand what they are going through. Whether it is an adult or another teen in the program there are people there that can and want to help. These programs are most likely to have the most effect on teens that want to commit suicide because of bullying. Generally, when teens are being bullied there friends distance themselves from them because they do not want to be associated with the schools misfit. This ki9nd of situation causes the student to feel loneliness and isolated from everyone, which is one factor that can trigger teenage suicide, however; by having other teens in the program they can help each other out and confide in one other about their problems.
Suicide prevention programs cause a chain reaction. It all begins with suicide commercials. The purpose for suicide prevention commercial is to inform not just parents and peers but schools as well the signs of a suicidal teenager. Some signs that schools should be aware of could be violent behavior, abuse at home, making comments about being hopeless, having a death wish, and numerous more. If schools are noticing some of these signs the next step would be to talk to the teen but, schools also need to be aware of how they approach the situation and be cautious of what they say. Most of the time teens won’t open up to a teacher, counselor or a parent, therefore; schools could then provide teens with the suicide prevention programs. This is where the programs could have the power to alter teen’s decisions. As mentioned before the programs provide the care and help that most suicidal teens long for. By teens knowing that they have someone there that cares for them and that wants to help them makes a huge