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Jessica Clegg
Honors English IV
Dec. 6, 2011
Skinful Art

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, and media. One of the most controversial art is body art; specifically tattoos. Tattoos have been around for so many years (as has many other types of art) that it blows me away that some people still consider it not art. Possibly in a religion where they believe your body is your temple and you should never defile it, tattoos may be considered self mutilation or evil. But no. Tattoos are art because art is a form of self expression, the person is the human canvas, and the tattooer is the artist; if people continue to believe tattoos are not art, then the artist will never get the recognition they deserve. Everyone has their own sense of personal style. Self expression is natural and gives a person individuality. Tattoos are a type of self expression; you are altering your appearance to please yourself (just like people are doing when they dye their hair, or put on makeup). Art is all in the eye of the beholder, and just like all other art, not everyone is going to like what you like. Some people get tattoos to speak for them. Their piece could symbolize their life story, specific events or people, a religious ideal, whatever they want. All art is a form of self expression and that is everything a tattoo is. When a painter paints and a tattooer tattoos, the paint is the medium for the painter and the ink is the medium for the tattooer. In both cases the artists use a canvas. Except one canvas is alive. Zanna Michelle, a tattoo artist at Ink and Dagger, says, “The human body is my own personal canvas. My clients give me the opportunities to step out of my comfort zone. I get the chances to create beautiful pieces that could possibly take up to a few hours, or several sessions to complete,” (Zanna Michelle. Personal Interview. Date interviewed 10, 10, 2011.)
Even the before process of doing the tattoo is an art. The tattooer has to know how to relate to individuals and be able to communicate well. They have to be able to take the clients’ thoughts and desires and be able to wrap it all up perfectly in the design. When the artist begins to execute the tattoo, the way they control the gun is very important. They shouldn’t push too hard on the skin or the area can become too saturated with ink and hurt their canvas. They shouldn’t push too lightly because then the ink might not take to the skin. Every step of the way they must make sure they consider the client’s wellbeing and happiness.
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