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The Hunger Games
By:Melissa 8KH

The movie The Hunger Games was one of the most talked about movies of this year. As you may already know this newly released movie is based on a book, actually a series of three books The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay. There will be 3 movies in total, just like the books. In this movie two tributes are chosen from each district to battle to the death in a competition of brains and skills. From my research I learned that the author of these books Suzanne Collins first got the theme of this book while surfing channels. Suzanne gave the copy rights to the movie to director Gary Ross. For the first part of this movie we see the main character Katniss Everdeen, who is played by actor Jennifer Lawrence. It portrays Katniss as a hunter yet she is only sixteen years old. Unfortunately her father passed away, she lives with her mother Mrs. Everdeen played by Paula Malcomson and her little sister Primrose Everdeen played by Willow Shield. Katniss lives in District 12 located in a nation know as Panem. One day while attempting to hunt a deer (it is really rare) she is accompanied by her best friend Gale Howthorne played my actor Liam Hemsworth. This takes place on the day of the Reaping, an annual event in which one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts, surrounding the Capitol are selected by random to compete in a battle, until only one person is left this always airs on television to all the districts. Primrose is the first tribute to be chosen but without a second thought Katniss volunteers to take her place, also selected from the same district is Peeta Mellark, actor Josh Hutcherson plays the bakers son. Katniss and Peeta are then taken to the Capitol in a train like vehicle with their drunken mentor Haymitch. When they arrive the two tributes are taken to be groomed so they can show case them-selfs to the Capital and the T.V audience. In Peeta's interview he confesses his love for Katniss, at first Katniss is mad and embarrassed but then she see's the good side of his affection for her, the audience is encouraged to send gifts like food, medicine etc during The Hunger Games which they will need, these are sponsors. On the first day alone nearly half of the tributes are killed, we find out about the alliance with Peeta and the careers (they are volunteered tributes that have trained all their life for The Hunger Games) this alliance is to try and kill Katniss. While being trapped in a tree with an injury due to a fire created by the Capital in attempt to kill her. She creates more of a friendship than an alliance with Rue, a little girl from district 11 who reminds her of her sister. Thanks to her Katniss escapes from the tree by dropping a hive of Tracker Jackers on top of the sleeping career, killing one of the girls. Later on in the film Rue is killed by another tribute. Filled with pain and anger Katniss kills him with one shot. Close to her own death Rue ask's if Katniss would sing to her, Katniss sings through her tears then she spreads flowers over her body as a sign of respect. Being "star-crossed lovers" with Peeta the Capital decides to change the rule, saying that two tributes from the same district can win the Hunger Games as a pair. Once Katniss hears this she tries to find Peeta, eventually near a lake she finds him injured. She tries to nurse him back to health, acts like she's falling in love to gain more favour with the audience and gifts from her sponsors. Which in fact works, and after the capital keeps on challenging the two multiple times they are finally the only two left, once again unexpectedly the Gamemakers change the rule, in an attempt to force them into a dramatic finale, where only one can be the winner. Staying true to each other, Katniss suggests they eat "night lock"( poisonous berries), the Capital would rather have it they're way with 2 winner's then no winner's at all. On the ride home Peeta learns about the act that