Research Paper On The Swarm

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The book prey was very good and really showed one downfall and what could happen if nanotechnology got out of control. The swarm behaves very eridacially, the lab was very high tech, and the interestingly went along with our class. Obviously not all parts go along with the class but in certain sections they do.
In this story the swarm is very erratic and spontaneous. It would appear at one time but when it gets windy it will go away. At certain points it will wonder outside but return inside.
Its like a baby testing out new objects. The swarm does get dangerous and eventually kills a rabbit. It even figures out how to get into cars.
The swarm slowly takes over their hosts to produce more nanobots, initially affecting their decisions and then controlling them. Doing this allows them to travel and contaminate others. Honestly this remind me of the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.
The lab in the story is very high tech and is what i would imagine it to look like.
The lab had microscopes all over and has very complicated machine used to make the nanobots from bacteria. It was relatively big and people would study the nanobot to better understand. They realized that they were self sufficient. The lab had its own assembly line which unfortunately over heated. The lab actually reminds of a place I used to empty garbages at and it had assembly lines, engineers all over and 3D printers.
Our class tied into this book pretty well. We talked about the