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WORST EXPERIENCE EVER I was unlucky enough to purchase a groupon for this business. It was a birthday gift and needless to say, the birthday boy was excited about trying flying for the first time. 1) First off, he had to call about 5 times to actually get through to book his appointment. Not the worst thing in the world. 2) He finally got through on Sept 25th and asked what the first available weekend appointment he could make was, as we live downtown Toronto and not in Oshawa. He was told it was a month off, on October 27th. He gladly booked the appointment - so far so good! 3) on the SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, there was a horrible rain storm. So he called to make sure the lesson was canceled - and it was. Not the airport's fault. Surprisingly, during the call, he was informed that he never had a booking on that day. That seemed a little weird at the time but since the lesson was canceled due to weather, no harm was done. They rescheduled him to SATURDAY, Nov 17th. Again, because he can only do a flight on a weekend. The assured him he can still use the groupon even though it would be expired since the cancellation is due to weather. So far so good. 4) Today, 2 days before the lesson, he gets a call from a horrendous lady from the airport informing him he missed his appointment on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 27 and his groupon is marked as used because he was a no-show. He kindly suggests that perhaps the scheduling was a mistake since he wouldnt have made an appointment on a thursday…