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Liliana Ralls
Professor Dowling
ESL 34X 26 September 2012
Religious Person Some people think that be a Christian means that we can’t go to the movies, dance, drink or that we cannot have fun at all. This is not true. So, what does it mean to be a true Christian? It means teaching about Jesus through the bible, living by God’s word, and showing true Christian love to others. First, a true Christian needs to do more than profess his faith in Christ, he needs to teach others about Jesus and God in a total and unconditionally way. For example, talk to others what the bible says about God’s kingdom and the sacrifice that Jesus paid for the humanity; also offer free bible’s study. A true Christian has spiritual insight worship God with spirit and truth. Second, living by God’s word is what identifies a true Christian. It is not the professing of Christianity that please God, but the practicing of it. For Christ’s true followers, that involves their whole way of life, including their attitude toward money, at work, entertainment, customs, celebrations and marriage or other type of relationship. A true Christian should stand out as different from those who do not love and serve God. Last, showing true Christian love to others involves that we must love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and love our neighbor as ourselves. This kind of love is based on moral love that includes strong emotion. It can be warm and intense. This kind of love enables true Christian to do what