Research Paper On Working On A Team

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Coach Bozlin- east lake high football coach

Zach Mald- east lake soccer player

Romin Reselei – east lake football

Frank sky – east lake track Dezmon Davids – Eastlake track

Riley Stiyes – tarpon volleyball Team work is very important is very important in a sport it show that kids working together can be
Socially helpful by being able to social and help by being able to socialize and help others out. If you have a friend that is on the team it could help make it funnier and want to always go and participate and try hard, have motivation and continence.
I interviewed my schools football coach and asked how being on a team benefits things in life. Coach Bozlin
He said that working together helps with self- esteem knowing you’re with people your age trying

to achieve the same goal, to win and be good at what you do.

Zach Mald- one of the soccer players said that belonging to a team carry over to a classroom

Setting by working together and showing social interaction and responsibilities on work like you would do with your teammates Romin Reselei- said teak benefits carry into work settings because you are being social and know how to communicate. While working you are trying to make money and be smart about your decisions and how to do good that is exactly what I do on the field too when I’m playing sports
Franko Sky – said team woek was import to him and being on a team helped maintain a good work
Dezmon Davids –