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Writing about literature
Yellow wallpaper
From the title of this story, I can merely think about something related to yellow paper in the wall in a house or outside of a building. But after I finish reading the story, I realize that it is a story that describes the very inner of the narrator who suffer from postpartum depression. It was a tragic of that time and a tragic of that couple. Although the narrator’s husband is a doctor, he seems knew little about the disease his wife suffering. I think the reason is that men seldom get themselves into the same situation of woman. Besides, the narrator’s brother who also is a physician did not believe that his sister have any problem. Physicians in that time seemed to ignore any disease that they cannot see or detect because things you cannot see is probably not real.
Imagine a woman who has depression by herself but nobody listens to her and nobody believes her even her closest relatives. What’s more, they not only not trying to help her out of the depression, but locked her away and trapped her. What makes the matters even worse, she has a high standing physician husband and brother who totally ignore her depression. They tell her that she is totally fine and they also tell people that she is healthy and fine. So everybody believes she is fine except for it is her own fault. People like her husband and brother who trying to help even make the matter worse because they don’t know how to treat those cases. So they bring her to a big mansion far away in the countryside, and spy on her. Men seldom have that problem, so she is very lonely and helpless indeed.
The paragraphs from thirty one to thirty five are very important in indicating the situation and environment our protagonist faced. “It is a big, airy room,” which can easily make someone feel lonely, insignificant and helpless. In the house, the windows were barred all around the head of the bed, and in a great place on the other side of the room low down. She saw the worst paper in her life. Apparently she seems not like the room at all. It is like a jail trapped the woman in that big house. she did not like that room and she asked her husband to change a room downstairs, but her husband thinks that is a good room for it is big enough and have all the windows around the house and it is a bright room, with all the reason you can think about of a nice room. So she has to stay in that room. I think our story narrator is a very optimistic woman and have a very strong heart because she judges the barred windows as the fence for little children. And treat those rings, chains and things in the walls as the children’s play stuff. She is always trying to think the better side of all things. Her husband and relatives should be help her in that situation, but they all think she is pretty well and don’t need to help. Instead, they bring her to that isolated house and encourage her to use her will to control herself. As a mother of a child, she cannot take care of her own child, and she cannot be with her friends and cousins. She want to write but her husband hates that, she needs her husband’s care but he always leave early and come back late. What was left is only herself, the lonely room and the creepy yellow wallpaper.
At first glance, the woman did not like the house at all. She thought that the house was haunted and have all the ugly things in the wall. Patches of yellow wallpaper stripped off and commit every artistic sin. All the barred windows and chained bed and rings in the wall make the room look ugly and creepy. But at last she tells us she is get used to those