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I) Thesis – Cell phones have made an enormous impact on our lives. Instead of focusing on why cell phones are bad, let’s focus on the good. They make it easier to communicate with family and friends, they can act as a tracking device, and they can act as many different tools that are good to have handy in everyday life.
II) It used to be almost impossible to call someone for help in an emergency.
A) With the use of cell phones, you can call someone any time you want, day or night, 24/7.
B) If someone is breaking in your house, you no longer have to run to the charger and press the find button, all while risking your life, just to be able to find the cordless phone to call 911.
1) A new study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine found around 137 more lives are saved per 100,000 patients when emergency services are called from a cell phone in the critical moments after the onset of an acute illness or injury compared to a landline phone
2) [“The use of mobile phones has the advantage of immediacy of access, in particular in situations such as road traffic accidents, outdoor accidents, and injuries as well as incidents occurring at rural locations, where access to landlines is unlikely to be readily available,” the study said.
C) Another reason cell phones are good to have in an emergency is that you can program your emergency contacts into a different group called your ICE contacts.
1) ICE stands for In Case of Emergency.
2) If an accident was to occur or you had an emergency and someonewas to find you with no identification, they would be able to go to this contact list and know who to call in case of an emergency.
III) Cell phones can also track where a person is.
A) If they are inside a building, or high in the air, it can be kind of hard to give an accurate location, but the main point is cell phones can give an estimated location, which is better than no location at all.
B) Cell phones send signals to cell phone towers and Global Positioning System,