Research Paper Outline On Beowulf

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Thesis: Somewhat – As a method of criticism for the Germanic heroic society, the monsters of Beowulf aim to connect the bad with the good, thus showing the similarities between. [WIP]

Topic Sentence for First Paragraph: Grendel shows what is wrong with the heroic ethos, connecting him to Beowulf [?]
Point: The villain and hero’s hubris allows for a parallel to appear between the two, thus bringing them to their downfall.
Evidence: Through Beowulf’s fight against Grendel, (we learn) that Grendel “had never been clamped or cornered like this” by any man; he truly believed that he could get away with mayhem (BW, 756). His overconfidence made “his days of ravening […] come to an end (BW, 734-735). Due to Beowulf’s “follow[ing] his own will,” Beowulf was brought down, and this also led to the destruction of the Geats (Beowulf, 3077-3078).
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Like Grendel, Beowulf’s pride persuades him to chase his death, leaving his people behind to suffer. His downfall shows the parallel between himself and Grendel, thus making them more equal than different.
P: The downfall by hubris is not only subject to both monster and hero; the attacked-Danes are also subject to