Research Paper- Pica Disorder

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Pica Disorder: “Eating disorders are a serious mental illness, not a lifestyle choice.” Millions of people have to deal with inner demons on a daily basis, some more serious than others but one that is severe, is Pica disorder. Pica disorder is an eating disorder where people have an appetite for non-nutritive, inedible materials and become addicted to eating items such as clay, nail polish, drywall, light bulbs and much more. This disorder causes victims to eat unimaginable things and causes many medical problems in the process. Some doctors believe that this disorder is just complication of the mental psyche, but there is more underlying issues that cause this disorder. Thus, Pica disorder is caused by a combination of biochemical, …show more content…
This continued progressed over many generations,and they became a normal food. They were sold in many train and public stations until the early 1900’s when people began to contract diseases from the products. This was a social norm, but some people eat strange items because they are just curious of what it would taste like. Pica is also caused by the mental psyche. Many doctors and scientists, say this disorder is caused by a lack of connection between the senses. The victims lack the ability to use their other senses such as sight, hearing, smell and touch to determine all of the factors of an object. Those with pica disorder can only use their mouths as a main receptor to determine what something is or is not. When children are developing as infants and into early childhood, they use their mouths as a determiner to discover new items. Those with pica disorder, never out grow the state when they were infants and they used their mouths as the main vessel for sensing objects and food.
This continues through out there entire lives and continue to use their mouths for their senses. With this inability to determine objects with other senses, many try unsafe materials and when they find one that satisfy their cravings, they literally obsess over it and believe that they have to continuously drink or eat those unsafe products through out the day. In addition,