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Research Paper Strategy I have chosen the topic of Stress Management because is a problem that every police officer has to be aware. I obtained some of the information from Territo, L., & Swell, J.D. (2007). Stress Management in Law Enforcement. Mr. Swell is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officer (retired) who applied and made several researches on the topic above. During my career as a Police Officer, I have attended classes and seminars where they have encourage the students to read this book. That is my primary reason to select this source. Working as a police officer has been a fulfilling career in offering help to needy individuals as well as upholding social harmony by ensuring law and order are maintained. However, the career has proved to be stressful and many people would agree with this latter statement as reflected by the rising level of police suicide levels attributed to unresolved stressors. Working within the same profession, I have been able to determine that various issues result in stress within the police division. The first stressor is related to the job description and the work that needs to be done. For instance, from the onset of the job, a police officer has to deal with depressing situations on a daily basis like encountering individuals in agony, being abused by individuals during a typical arresting instance or boredom created when shifts swap occurs. The second source of stressors is police rules like the requirement to have to carry your own gun at all time, whether during on or off duty. Thirdly, there is the issue of the judicial system especially when a court offers an injunction on a case that an officer has worked on for a period or offers an offender the option of a cash bail before they are released back to the society increasing the rate of crime once again. The last stressor emanates from work conflicts marked between workmates. Having identified the inevitability of stress within the police department, there are many pragmatic techniques that I can use for adequate stress management. The basic objective of this research is to generate a pragmatic stress management framework that will be functional for every of the identified stressors. Therefore, the type of information required for the creation of the framework would be professional advice and personal testimonies of police officers on how they handle their stress in the working environment. Professional information may be generated from the print media in form of books, peer reviewed articles, newspaper sections and magazines. Books and peer-reviewed articles tend to be credible information sources as they contain the author’s information and the academic credentials that enable the writer to have an authoritative stance in the publication work. This ensures that the information offered is accurate. Newspaper and magazines articles are also good information sources, although for data credibility, it would be best to limit magazines and newspapers only to credible newsprints like Times, Chicago Tribune, among others. Online materials will also be used yet for the sake of information credibility, only reliable websites like government publications, police stations sites and non-governmental organization will be used. For instance, the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces has worked jointly with the International Police Executive Symposium to generate sessional papers on different areas of the police department and one of the tackled issues relates to the topic of stress management. Personal blogs and research work must also be from an accredited writer from the personal information given. For instance, the research article Stress Management in…