Research: Parenting Styles and Young Adulthood Essay

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Associate Level Material
Appendix F

For each of three developmental domains: physical, cognitive, and social, identify two major changes or challenges associated with that developmental stage (adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood).

Stage of Development
Physical Development
Cognitive Development
Social Development
Formal thinking,
Ejaculation/Menarche independence
Young Adulthood
Physical powers
Crystallized intelligence
Establish working business and advance in the business world
Middle Adulthood
Changes physically
Memory & tasks, and required fluid intelligence
Ego, self-worth, and integrity versus despair.
Late Adulthood
Memory loss

Whether children are exposed to an authoritative, authoritarian, or permissive parenting style may have a great influence on how children handle challenges in their lives.

Describe how three adults, each brought up under a different parenting style as a child, might cope differently with one of the changes listed in the table in Appendix F.

Post a 200- to 300-word response

Adult one was raised with the “authoritarian” style by a father that ruled his kingdom under his iron thumb. When the puberty starts effecting the teen and young adult, the father makes him know that men are the “King” of their castle and the woman in their for his pleasure and need to be kept in line. In the same instance of style the authoritarian can be the mother figure also. And thus causing the boy to become so intimidated by women that he starts hating women and could become so hateful that he could murder them. Most serial killers, have been quoted saying, “my mother abused me sexually, physically, and emotionally. All my life I thought about murdering her to stop the abuse.” “I have had the childhood of an alley rat, no home worth living in, no food, having to beg, borrow and steal for food, and influenced mainly by the thieves, homeless, and prostitutes I have become a murderer.
This is the most common thinking of a serial killer trying to plead their case. And not growing as a child throughout to adulthood, and older adult.

An adult raised with a permissive parenting style will most likely than not become withdrawn, intimidated, and perceived as a loner in the younger years of his or her lives. In early young adulthood this child may be coming out of their shell and becoming aware of their body and pubescence. It will be an addiction for this person, and exploring and staring at their body can be very intriguing. Also denial of the changes could make the child feel self-conscious and withdrawn from their family, friends and everyday life in general.

With permissive style in parenting it is know that the parent is most likely to give choices and take the child having