Essay on Research: Performance Management and Carhartt

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Human resources assessment task number 1

Prepared for: Jeff Milne

Prepared by: Teddy Pierre

Date: Sunday 7th April

HR SERVICE AGREEMENT 3 HR SERVICES AGREEMENT 4 Scope: 4 Agreement Objectives 4 Retention and Description of Services 5 Term of Agreement 6 INTRODUCTION 6 SCOPE 7 CARHARTT COMPANY ORGANISATIONAL CHART 7 Company Background 8 Values 9 Mission 9 Strategic Goals 9 Operational Goals 10 Following HRM activities formally in place 11 Service Timelines 13 HR Staffing levels Roles and Responsibilities 13 SWOT Analysis - Carhartt 14 Table Timelines 15 Reference: 18


This HR Service Agreement defines the terms and conditions under which we provide HR specialist services to a client.

This HR Service Agreement is intended for the purposes of formally setting up the relationship between Teddy PIERRE HR and Carhartt Company and to provide the foundation for a healthy business relationship.

This Agreement completes the responsibility for Teddy PIERRE HR to ensure the quality, compliance and timeliness of the output named in this agreement.



This agreement is made on 7 April 2013 by and between Teddy PIERRE HR and Carhartt Company with offices at Level 1, 
123 Charlotte St
 Brisbane QLD 4000.

Agreement Objectives

Retention and Description of Services

During the term of this Agreement, Teddy PIERRE HR will furnish HR services and advice as specifically requested by Carhartt Company, Client and / Client’s Representative.

The services and advice will relate to work being done or planned by Client in the field of HR Services, will be within Teddy PIERRE HR technical competence for those marked below:

* HR Health Check – total assessment of your HR systems in place

* Strategic planning – setting up processes, implementing HR plans and objectives

* Equal Opportunity – creating a responsive organisation

* Performance Management Systems – performance appraisals processing

* Job Analysis – creating proper job descriptions and specifications

* Staffing the Workplace - recruiting candidates, developing & using application forms

* Employee testing, interviewing and selection – Types of tests & selection techniques

* Induction and training – inducting employees, training techniques and processes

* Developing HR managers – On and off the job training, keys factors for success

* Appraising Performance – appraisal methods, appraisals in managing performance

* Remuneration and Incentives – pricing jobs, low – high level staff incentives

* Employee/Industrial Relations – legal framework

* Occupational Health and Safety Systems – planning for OH&S

* Staff Retention Programs

* Staff Incentive Programs – motivating employees

Term of Agreement

Teddy PIERRE HR services shall exclusively provide HR Services as requested by the Client Carhartt Company.

From 7 April 2013 to 7 April 2014


My company Teddy PIERRE HR wants to provide your enterprise Carhartt with an agreement which concerns different technical competencies.

Teddy PIERRE HR guarantees to comprehensively analyse your companies procedures to improve staff in all areas.

We will focus on the following areas.

* Strategic planning * Equal opportunity * Performance Management Systems * Staffing the workplace * Employee testing, interviewing and selection * Staff Incentive Programs


Through our analysis of the Carhartt brand, we will outline the disadvantages and potential problems affecting competency in the related workplaces.

Included in this process we shall provide training which covers new and more efficient protocols for the staff and an introduction to beneficial performance management software.


Company Background

Carhartt, combines heritage