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Talk to the adults about basic elements of hygiene that help prevent germ transmission, such as washing the hands after using the bathroom and covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing or coughing. Remind them that good basis hygiene will help keep them from getting sick and help keep others from getting sick as well.
Discuss the importance of washing the body and hair in order to look and feel clean and professional. In addition, talk about how they feel when others are unclean. They may not want to stand next to that person. They may not want to interact with someone who has body odor. Helping them look at it from another perspective can be a useful incentive.
Talk about the science behind personal hygiene. Different body smells are caused by naturel chemicals, such as pheromones, and bacteria that are left on the skin that can create bad smells. In addition, the body can be flushing out harmful agents, such as alcohol or tobacco, causing an unpleasant odor.
Remind adults about bodily functions that pertain to adulthood requiring extra care, such as menstruation. In addition, talk about the fact that sexually active adults can easily transfer bacteria and infections to their partner, so personal hygiene is also part of being a loving partner to someone else.
Have the adults make a list of why hygiene is important and examples of good hygiene. Ask them to start a personal hygiene checklist that they can use daily.
Help the adults create a list of