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While searching for valuable online career websites, I choose to focus on those that serve youth. I have devoted my own career to youth services and development and finding online career resources will benefit both my clients and me professionally. was on site I found to be very useful for students and counseling professionals working with students. The website services students, families and organizations. What I like most about the website is that is easy to navigate and understand and free. Free resources are usually limited in their offerings.
However, this website offers a wide variety of resources to serve the diverse needs of youth at different life stages. For, those reasons I would recommend this website to any of my clients. The one thing the website is missing is a pathway to membership. They offer membership information. However, you constantly get redirected. The website provides students with a roadmap and resources to career success. Overall I believe the website provides a valuable resource and I myself will use it.
Bureau of Labor Statistics was another website I found to be beneficial for students and educational professionals. However, they focus more on salary and educational requirements than actual resources. The website would be useful for students who wanted to explore career and salaries