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Research Project
History of Technology in Travel and Tourism
By Laura Markelyte, Hannah Lex,
Claudia Mcwilliams and Katie

Where the information will be found
O Information

about the development of technology can be found in many places such as museums, historical heritage sites, comparing new and old products by using internet and books.
O This may also include talking to someone who has been in the travel and tourism industry for a long time and has seen and experienced the changes in technology.
O Going out of our comfort zone and making journeys to places and seeing things visually will widen our knowledge of the changes in technology and would improve our research task by having more things to talk about. How materials from a variety of formats will be collated
O Written- Books, Magazines, Leaflets. (Found in the

Library, some travel agents, museums)
O Audio- Going to places with audio guides and consuming information from what is said during the tour guide.
O Video- Videoing someone who has experienced the changes in technology can help to improve the project.
O Blog- someone else’s personal experiences in technology changes online that can be useful for collecting sources.
O Website- Other than blogs, we will be researching what kind of changes have been happening since technology began and how this has effected the travel and tourism industry in a negative/positive way.

Interims and final deadlines
O Setting deadlines before the final deadline so

the work is done before the final deadline.
O Balancing the