Research Project Essay

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Da Nang University of Economics
Sunderland University Degree Programme
Unit 8: Research Project

Research Project Report

The Factors Which Effect Customer Satisfaction and Attract More Customers of Pacific Hotel



A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of
Unit 8: Research Project, BTEC HND Programme

June, 2010
Da Nang


Table of Contents i
Abstract ii
Acknowledgement iii
Chapter I. Introduction 1 1.1. Research Background 1 1.2. Statement of problem 2 1.3. Research Objectives 2 1.4. Research Questions and Hypotheses 3 1.5. Research Limitations 4 1.6. Research ethics 5
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Statement of problem

Customer is a great asset to business Service Company and their satisfaction is important element, which helps the hotel develop its product and service. Therefore, this research project focuses on customer satisfaction with this hotel. The customer satisfaction has become an important asset for businesses and organizations in efforts to improve the quality of service, to maintain the loyalty, improve the competitiveness of enterprises. To have customer satisfaction, Pacific hotel need improve problem such as: Customer complaints are increasing: customer is not satisfied about employee’s attitude. Employees have not good attitude with customer, not interested in customers. They might be not friendly or not enthusiastic in customer service, etc. Therefore, the hotel should improve this problem to increase the satisfaction of customers. Recruitment, placement staff with qualification for the department is limited. Because knowledge of the language of the current work the language in hotels is very limited. The use of foreign language fluently is mainly employee’s protocol, besides English is the language of common and available, some other staff also speaks French, Chinese. But the staff at room department discussed the limited level of foreign language. But the kitchen staff has almost no foreign language skill. So hotels need to encourage members of staff in the department in the hotel to learn