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Jonathan Catalano
Research Proposal
Lauren Romagnola
Education (Traditional VS Block System)

Many students and teachers alike will complain about the workload or time constraints they bare. All though the stereotype would lead us to quickly judge these irresponsible students and lazy teachers, one should rather look at the current systems applied through the school system. In my writing piece i'd like to compare statistics on success rates among both students and teachers using the traditional school system vs the newly integrating block system. I believe this to be an important topic because rather trying to integrate an
, id like to address a small change that's already being applied and successfully used throughout school systems across the united states. Brainstorming i have found no risks to my surrounding community by implementing this new system into our very own school system and more than anything else i think it would be nothing but successful. Many of the teachers in my school systems teach a large variety of classes on top creating lessons and grading large assignments from multiple classes within a given week. Teachers already received enough pressure from student parents and the media, ontop of living their own everyday lives? I think the block system could free up precious time outside of school as well as giving teachers more time to work with less classes each day allowing them to more easily direct their time at their lessons or curriculum.
Students operating similar in and outside of school would also benefit from the release of pressure on classes and work. Less but longer classes would allow students to participate more or ask questions in each class. You might be saying that would be a blessing at least the opportunity is more prevalent than the current system. I believe that students, teachers and education authorities could benefit from reading my piece. Education is something like a boiling pot