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Research Proposal

The secrets of successful marketing

Summary: The main aim of this research proposal is to carry out a thorough investigation for the PR and communication strategies being used by MAC cosmetics to successfully interact with their target audience. Starting by analyzing their social media platforms, and the various ways through which they keep their customers constantly engaged with the brand. The research will explore and analyze all previous collaborations in the past 10 – 12 months time period. This will be done through quantitative and qualitative research methods, with the addition of the perspective of the way the customers conceive the brand image and why they choose to buy MAC cosmetics.

Aims/Objectives: The purpose of this proposal is to learn and explore innovative PR and communication strategies, which contribute to the success of a retail brand in the competitive market of today. One of the main objectives will be to determine how to engage your target customer with your brand, and what factors ensure customer loyalty. As well as, having a clear understanding of the various forms of marketing that is carried out by retail brands; especially through social media platforms, and to analyze why some techniques are more popular than others in constructing a distinguishable brand image.

Research Question: How does MAC cosmetics effectively use PR and communication strategies to connect with their target audience through social media platforms?

Introduction: The topic concerned in this proposal will evaluate and explore how to successfully execute Public Relations and communications strategies. Within this topic lies great importance in learning the policies and procedures of an organization, with the public interest in mind, which contribute in executing and planning a program of action to earn the customer’s understanding and acceptance. The main concern is to influence the customer in a positive way whether it is through something as simple as a press release or combining all media contacts for an event or conference. In reference to MAC cosmetics, we will look back on their previous strategies used, involving social media platforms and others to gage how they have maintained a position in the competitive market of today.

Literature Review: MAC is a world-­‐renowned cosmetics company, which is owned by Estée Lauder. It caters to a wide variety of customers, both old and young. However, it is most popular with females between the ages of 18