Research Proposal Essay

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Research Proposal, Part II

Team A


March 4, 2013
Susan Wind

Abstract Within the following paragraphs and presentation Team A will identify the research proposal of the education and mindset behind the choice of a career in law enforcement. The objective of the research is to understand and develop funding needed for that choice. The proposal will include the methods used, the factors, significance behind the design, procedures followed, and if the results are confirmed within the hypothesis. The anticipated outcome of this research is to understand why the choice of a career in law enforcement and address the needs of education and funding to help
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Criminal justice and law enforcement education is critical yet mentors and lecturers complain about individuals being who have college education. The recruitments are shown disapproval by comments regarding the significance of common sense versus book smarts with behavior (Hendricks, 2011). Research however does show that the certain of social scientists is that a college education matters greatly and likely improves a police officer’s effectiveness (www.sageinlight) In designing the study timeline, the team broke the vast amount of work involved into five manageable blocks of tasks accounting for a total study time of 90 days, or one college semester. Block one consisted of understanding and discussing the study and formulating the initial hypothesis and research goals. Block two consisted of writing and submitting the research proposal. Block three began once the initial proposal was accepted and consisted of collecting raw the raw data, that is making contact with our list of potential participants from our selected study group and initiating surveys, questionnaires, and eventually personal interviews. Block four consisted of a myriad array of tasks related to compiling, coding, inputting, and analyzing that data against the stated research goals and the initial hypothesis. Lastly, Block five consisted of writing and submitting the final study report (Campus Academic Resource