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jasmine motel christchurch

Start your fantastic south island journey from here


1 Purpose
The main purpose of conducting the research is to investigate the viability of setting up or buying a motel business in Christchurch, New Zealand. The research will explore the opinions and views of Chinese travelers towards Chinese motel services and determine the best suitable local Chinese motel in Christchurch.

2 Research Question
Is establishing or buying a motel business in Christchurch a feasible option?

3 Objectives
There are the objectives of conducting the research
1. Why Chinese travelers prefer to stay in local Chinese motel
2. The attitudes of Chinese travelers towards local Chinese motel
3. What type of services do Chinese travelers need
4. Chinese travelers’ affordability for motel services (The price they are willing to pay)

4 Overview of Jasmine Motel
Jasmine motel provides high quality Chinese style units to travelers who start or end the fantastic south island trip. It is going to be located in Christchurch city at Riccarton road. The target customers are both individual Chinese traveler and Chinese tourism agent who stay at Christchurch begin or end their south island travel. At Jasmine motel it is intended to start with 12 units with 5 qualified staffs.

Jasmine Motel is intended to be located in Christchurch. On Riccarton road, there are 28 motels providing quality and friendly motel services for all travelers. All the motels are proud of “NZ OWNED AND OPERATED”. Motels which actively take part in providing quality services and accommodations to the Chinese travelers in the gap of “Chinese owned and operated” are successful ventures and have great potential of earning good through providing a quality service

Jasmine motel would be located at Riccarton road in Christchurch. That means it would share the convenient transportation and CBD area together. Riccarton road is one of the main road of Christchurch. There are university of Canterbury, Westfield shopping mall and Hagley Park around this road.
Visitors can easy to go to restaurant for dinner or cook at motel in room with kitchen.

I am a professionally trained manager who has a vision and passion of setting up my own services qualifications in the motel services sector. The main aim of setting Jasmine motel in Christchurch is to provide quality services for Chinese travelers.

5 The Significance of Jasmine Motel
Jasmine Motel is not an ordinary services provider but is rich with new services which contribute to the tourism development of south island in New Zealand. Jasmine Motel pays special attention to the Chinese travelers in New Zealand. We make sure that Chinese travelers are satisfied with their stay here.

The unique aspects in Jasmine Motel
1. Chinese owned and operated
2. Specialized and trained staff that identifies and caters to the needs of the individual traveler
3. Support provided for Chinese Travel Agent appropriately

The mission of Jasmine Motel is “Providing Chinese travelers with a Comfortable and enjoyable experience’’. The well-trained staffs provide warm and professional services for all customers.

Literature Review
Motel accommodation is considered regular tourism services provided in Christchurch and many parts of the world. New Zealand Tourism (Accommodation, Motel, website) states that, “There are literally hundreds of motels scattered tight throughout the country, so you’ll rarely be limited for choice. In larger towns and cities you can often find a motel room on the fly, without having to worry about pre-booking”.

• Economy environment of Christchurch
As the garden city, Christchurch is New Zealand's second-largest city and the gateway to the South Island. But since the earthquake in September 2010 and February 2011, the Canterbury region has seen relatively few tourists. The loss of hotels, motels and backpacker accommodation meant that available accommodation capacity was reduced by about