Research Proposal for Ace Cable Company Essays

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Research Proposal for Ace Cable Company
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Research Proposal for Ace Cable Company
Research problem and purpose The main purpose of the revenue that Ace Cable Company has is to bring in new clients while maintaining existing ones. When looking into the problem of clients canceling their service with Ace Cable one of the first items to consider is the customer paying for something he or she prefers and is the customer paying for something he or she does not want? Other forms of the issue would be how to bring in new clients, what types of service can Ace Cable offer to new and existing clients, and to find the root cause to the clients who do drop their service. With pertaining questions to the existing customers as
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Ace may need to make sure their marketing is in target areas where their service is available, and that their advertising and marketing budget is used correctly and appropriately. By taking each of these instances individually, it is easier to determine the root of the problem and propose the correct solution.
The cable industry is widespread and challenging. As the company turns its focus to acquisition of new clients, we must first understand the variables involved. The first and most prominent variable is our competition. Companies such as Dish Network, Cingular, and Com Cast have saturated the marketplace reducing current market share. New competitor is companies such as Netflix who have moved to live streaming of videos. Another variable is pricing, offering the best service with a balance between cost and revenue is a variable that affects our bottom line. Finally, retention is the direct opposite of the initial concern of acquisition; however, if we are losing more clients than we are acquiring the efforts are counterproductive and costly. As the focus is on growth of market share it is important to understand the variables that must be overcome. To measure the competition Ace Cable Company can track new customer enrollment and track customers who change his or her services to other companies. Along with tracking,