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This proposal is aimed at conducting a study to investigate the causes of employee turnover. Proposed study will use different research articles to develop a model which shows that employee satisfaction, employee motivation and employee involvement has an impact on employee turnover.

Introduction to
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Background of Study

Employee turnover is the number of permanent employees leaving the company within the reported period versus the number of actual active permanent employees on the last day of the previous reported period.

Five reasons due to
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To understand the nature of employee turnover it is necessary to first define the terminology. While there are many definitions of employee turnover for the purpose of this paper turnover is defined as “the movement of workers 1 in and out of employment with respect to a given company” (Nature). This movement is usually considered voluntary however involuntary separations are also of concern, but will not be the focus of this research.
According to the article “The Nature of Employee Turnover” there is four distinct categories of turnover that a company must consider:

• Voluntary separations: Termination of the employment relationship initiated by the employee.
• Layoffs: Suspensions from payroll that are initiated by the employer due to an economic slow down.
• Discharges: Permanent termination of employment for disciplinary reasons.
• Other: Retirement, death, and permanent disability[2].
When calculating a company’s turnover rate it should first be determined what employee separations will be included in the calculation. Many times unavoidable separations, or separations that the company could not control, will not be included in the rate. Unavoidable separations are very different from voluntary separations in which the company does play a role in retaining the