Essay about Research Proposition on Thermochromism in Culture

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ENGL 2000-87: Policy or Proposal Argument (20% of final grade)

* Rough Draft Due on Wednesday, 3/20, minimum of 3 pages to participate in peer review * 10-minute one-on-one conferences on Friday, 3/22 and Monday, 3/25 * Final Draft Due on Monday after Spring Break, 4/8

You are writing a 1500-word policy or proposal argument that will be read by your classmates and me. In your essay, you will call your audience’s attention to a problem regarding your choice of topic, propose a solution to that problem, and provide justification for your solution. This assignment should serve as a bridge between the causal argument and the final writing assignment of researched argument.
You have two choices, to give you some rhetorical context (figuring out the purpose of your text and who will read it): 1. You may write a policy proposal essay to be published in a collection of student writing that will be circulated among members of Congress. 2. You may write a policy proposal essay for publication in either Spin or Source magazine (these are popular music and culture publications that cover a wide range of issues, including politics, public safety, and health, in addition to entertainment).
In making your choice, think carefully about your audience and purpose (as well as the level of resistance you might encounter from the audience). You must decide which option is the more appropriate place for your topic, as well as how you will present