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MNGT501-15A Management Systems Research

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The first thing that occurs to my mind when I think about the word “Research” is something that is related to a creative field and is done in a structural format. Research can be done in connection to various fields like arts, science, journalism, human resource, finance etc. Research is an expansion of past history work or related to a totally new investigation in a new field. Research requires a lot of new ideas. People generally involved in research need to brainstorm with various ideas and views at every stage. Research consists of asking questions that nobody has asked before and working in an organized manner to find answers to the questions.

A researcher plays a vital role in research investigation. The researcher should have a passion to undertake the research project. Every researcher should be hardworking, willing to take up new challenges and be persistent. He/she should be non-biased and should have no pre-conceived notions that might influence the research study. He/she should accept criticism in the right spirit and be optimistic to move on with the research study. The researcher should have a clear idea about various topics that are going to be included in the research. He/she must be a good observer, look into small details and also have the ability to break down complex tasks into simple thoughts. The researcher should always draw conclusions from the findings of the study.

A research study starts with a plan of action. Research involves collecting a lot of information; therefore it is important that the researcher uses any source that provides data related to the area of interest. The researcher can get access to this source through the Internet, periodicals, magazines, reading loads of articles etc. The researcher can also start his work by sharing ideas and opinions with professors who have expertise knowledge in a particular field. At times the researcher finds information effortlessly and at times he fails to do so. When the researcher finds it problematic to find material for his research study he can even get in touch with his employers or others at work.

Every research depends upon the topic selected by the researcher. There are various ways in which a research study can be conducted. In some research, survey methods can be used while in some questionnaire methods can be certainly used. Other various methods to do the research would be telephonic interviews, sampling methods, experiments etc. For instance, if a person needs to analyze a particular company for investing into stocks, he needs to have an in-depth knowledge about the company may it be in terms of financial parameters or product categories etc.

Every research starts with an assumption. If there are no assumptions in the research study then it becomes irrelevant. Most of the times it is not possible to carry out research without assumptions. Each research study requires assumptions that should be supported with facts. These facts can be statistical data or non-arithmetical data that may validate the assumptions during the course of the research. Assumptions are statements that are always considered to be true. It does not require a proof. Assumptions are generally beliefs or ideas of the researcher. They can vary from person to person. Thus, assumptions form the basis of every research study undertaken by different individuals.

Once the researcher has a good idea how to start the study, it is necessary to start with a primary investigation that is the foundation of the research study. Primarily, the researcher should be sure about the topic and his field of interest. The researcher should also know his final goal