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Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka Research Report
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Witten By: Julien Capalbo-Jacobs
Date: April.8, 2015

In analyzing this crime, it can be found that there is still many grey areas to the serial murderers; Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. A young seventeen year old girl named Karla Homolka met twenty three year old Paul Bernardo at a restaurant in 1987. By late 1989 Paul and Karla were engaged as a happy couple, while Bernardo was raping numerous women with the approval from Holmolka. These rapes occured in Scarborough, Ontario, dubbing Bernardo the Scarborough Rapist. In total he admitted to sexually assaulting 19 women and being related to 53 charges. Paul was very annoyed that Karla was not a virgin when he had met her and so he believed that Karla was held responsible to make it possible for Paul to take the virginity of her younger sister Tammy. Once Karla accepted that, the rest was rather easy. Even the idea to video tape the assault seemed some sense to her as he said, memorable events are always caught tape. On December 23, 1990, Paul Bernardo used the videocam to take videos of the the family christmas dinner. Tammy was drugged by Paul who had put something in her drink but she was unaware. She was passed out on the couch in no time. When the other family members went to bed, Paul and Karla began to go to work on Tammy. In the midst of the assault, Paul noticed that Tammy had puked but had not been breathing. Police were called but it was too late, she choked on her own vomit. Her death was ruled accidental and Paul and Karla were not even suspected as having been responsible. After this, the two slept in Tammy's room, creating sex videos where Karla wore Tammy's clothes. These videos were all used for the trials against Bernardo. After this close call Paul continued his heinous plans. First, Leslie Mahaffy, a fourteen year old girl who was kidnapped during a late night chance encounter with Banardo during June of 1991. She was raped and beaten for twenty four hours before being strangled with an electrical cord. Her body was dismembered and encased in cement. Once this was done she was finally dropped into a lake near St.Catharines and was found on June 29, 1991, by a local fisherman. Coincidentally, this was on the same day as Paul and Karla's wedding. Many monthes later, Kirsten French, who was 15 at the time, was molested by the couple after school on April 16, 1992. The two took turns sexually molesting and raping the innocent girl at their home while capturing it all on tape. French was subject to painful humiliations repreatedly before she was finally strangled by Bernardo, again using an electrical cord, more than two days after her abduction. Her body was discarded and discovered in a ditch near Burlington.
After the duo met, episodes of brutal rapes began in the Scarborough area, where Paul used to live. Paul Bernardo did admit he was responsible for eery sexual assualt ponting to him, but remarked Karla was the killer. Karla on the other note, pointed the finger at Bernardo. It's not likely the truth will ever be known however, Bernardo to this day, claims he did not kill a soul. He was never the most stable person though, and after the French murder he began to…