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I. Should animal testing be permitted? A. In the past years, we have tested our research/etc. on animals. They use animals to ensure that products are safe and easy to use and not let anything hazardous happen. B. Most people believe that it’s ok to just use what apart of this earth and just use and get rid of it like its nothing… I personally think it’s a crazy thing to do! That’s why I’m arguing against it. C. People who are against animal testing base off their contentions on the fact that animals are treated unfairly and testing on animals is cruel. People who aren’t say animals help keep humans safe from any crazy, hazardous, dangerous, and unsafe things. II. Argument for “should animals testing be permitted”. A. Too many animals die from animal testing 1. In animal testing, countless animals are experimental on and then killed after their use. B. Decrease in population 1. Because the animals are dying from many experiments, it starts to decrease in each in their populations. C. Those who argue animal testing has an obligation to act in ways that will minimize and maximize benefits. 1. Many medical treatments have been made possible by animal testing, including: cancer, HIV drugs, etc. III. Arguments against “should animal testing be permitted”. A. Animal studies have proven that humans would have very limited chances of anything happen to them. 1. Animal studies have proven beneficial over time, to prevent humans from the effects of certain toxic drugs and other products. B. Perfumes and cosmetics are often