Critical Analysis Of Research

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The Practical or Research Report
1. Executive Summary

Students should provide a standard executive summary which covers the reasons for the research, the core points of the methodology, the main results and key conclusions. It can be presented either as dot points or as paragraph with relevant sub-headings but should not be more than one page.

2. Introduction (Background to the Business Decision or Problem/Context/Literature Review)

You should provide information about context (background of the organization and problem) also something about the theories upon which you are drawing if appropriate, how they relate to your research questions/objectives). This section should be approximately four pages in length and should finish by stating the nature of the business decision or problem being examined and the main hypotheses (if appropriate) and research questions to be addressed.

3. Critical Analysis of the Methods

This section requires you to provide a critical evaluation of the different aspects of the method used to generate the data that is being used in this report. This evaluation will be conducted in 3 parts as set out below. In each section you should briefly describe what was done in the research and then discuss the benefits and problems with the action taken. Where appropriate you should offer recommendations for improvement. The final section requires you explain which aspects of the data collected you will use to address the specific research objectives listed in the previous section. You need to explain your choice. Each section should be approximately half a page and no more than one page. You may use tables and diagrams to assist the presentation.
3.1 Research Design and Data Collection Techniques Used

3.2 Sampling Process

3.3 The Final Sample

4. The Data to be used in This Report

5. Results
You will