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Research Resources Available

Online resources are a big part of school these days and essential to online schooling as they are the only way to do research without physically traveling to a library of some kind. Stevens-Henagar College has quite a bit of resources available for online research. Two of those resources are ProQuest and SmartThinking. Both are very good resources although different in how to use them.

ProQuest is basically an archive of many different kinds of information. ProQuest allows users to search for articles using two different search types: Basic or Advanced. To search for articles, type either a phrase or an individual word in the search box and click the Search button. ProQuest can be used to search for anything and as long as it’s in the database, results will come up. It can be used to search for history, or ways to better someone’s current educational experience, and even to help to help find a job after graduation by locating jobs that are hiring or looking for a specific talent.

SmartThinking is an online tutoring service that provides research related and personalized tutoring to help improve learning and for all students, and overall help improve student how students succeed. SmartThinking provides tutoring in mathematics, writing, biology, chemistry and more. When using SmartThinking a student can submit questions about such subjects, connect in live tutoring sessions, and Send in samples of their writing to be reviewed and sent back to them for correction before its due date.

An outside resource that can be used is Google. While using this for professional research is…