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Research Review:
SOCW 6000


Assignment: Research Review

Individuals in social groups often perform actions whose benefits are not immediately apparent. The co-occurrence and diversity of seemingly paradoxical traits such as oppression, poverty, alloparental care, group oppression, foraging, or suicidal predator defense has generated considerable research into the evolution of sociality.
Social relationships among those who have experienced serious mental illness, drug abuse, poverty, and homelessness can be strained to say the least. A new paradigm for recovery may be centered on the constructs of social relationship and their importance in the healing, or recovery process.
By viewing a species’ social structure as the result of a series, or ‘‘trajectory’’, of decisions individuals make about whether or not to disperse from their natal territory, whether to co-breed or refrain from breeding, and whether or not to provide alloparental care, we can more easily evaluate whether selective factors influencing each social decision are similar across taxa.
At the same time, the social trajectory framework highlights the interrelationships among different social decisions, both throughout the life of an individual and over evolutionary time. There are likely to be multiple unifying themes within sociality research.
Reproductive skew theory provides a compelling explanation for how and why reproductive conflicts are resolved and, represents a general theory of social evolution.

Decision theory treats social behaviors as a series of decisions made throughout an individual’s lifetime, each of which influences social fitness in some way (Padgett et al., 2008)
Although new paradigms of recovery and ? highlight the importance of social relationships, little is known about their role in recovery among homeless individuals with serious mental illness and comorbid substance abuse (Padgett et al. 2008).
The homeless tend to be