Essay on Research: Sampling and Chili Sauce

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1.0 Introduction
The paper seeks to propose a research on the management of Tesco Stores Malaysia would like to introduce own branded chili sauce to Malaysia consumer. This paper will be organized under the following broad headings: * Problem identification * Literature review * Research philosophy and approach and research design * Data collection
2.0 General statement of the Problem.
There are many type of products in the market. For example, in Malaysia there are more than ten type of chili sauce are selling in the market. Tesco would like to introduce its own branded chili sauce to the Malaysian consumer. The main factor of successful to introduce the chili sauce is the acceptance of the consumer. Brands vary in the
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| The company plans to launch over 50 new items in fiscal 2013 | Campbell spending on advertising to spur sales, rather than price-driven promotions. | Campbellā€™s are changing plan will not go back to heavy discounting and they confidence that between the levers of price, promotion, brand building and news to the base with innovation, they will be able to fully competitive in this business. |

5.0 Research philosophy and approach & research design. In research, understanding of the appropriate research philosophy and approach is important before beginning a research. Quantitative analysis can be done for a number of reasons such as measurement, performance evaluation of a financial instrument. It can also be used to predict real world events such as changes in a share price. A business or financial analysis technique that seeks to understand behavior by using complex mathematical and statistical modeling, measurement and research. By assigning a numerical value to variable, quantitative analysts try to replicate reality mathematically. The survey can be collect from population There are issued associated with population decline and changes in population composition in the developed world (low fertility, population ageing, increasing international migration and ethnic minority population) and those associated with population