Research: Sex Offender and Mandatory Residency Restrictions Essay

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Natasha Williams
Research Paper
Professor Gould Extremely distasteful and adverse crimes that exist are usually sexually based defenses. When those horrible crimes happen they tend to ruin an individual’s life. These types of crimes can happen to all kinds including men , women, children, and animals. Although a life sentence is not the punishment they would receive some form of jail time and be released after some time. There are other actions taken after punishment such as registering as a sex offender so there would not be any threats to society. Some people believe that this would cause unwanted assaults, harassments and murders; this will make reforming for the offenders hard. With regards , sex offender registry boost public safety, reduces the regression rate enable law enforcement to locate re-offenders faster and offer programs to treat the problem. Despite the registry many offenders re-offend and some have escaped the law, some solutions to stop re-offenders are harsher punishment, enforcing extensive treatment, and mandatory residency restrictions. The Department of Justice recently performed research in 2004 that states there are more than 550,00 registered sex offender in the United States, and that 100,00 are not even in the system. A number of sex offenders have yet to come close to being caught or have intentions on running into the law, this allows sexually assaulted victims to be at risk. For this purpose, the Sex Offender Registry should go in full effect. “If you look at statistics… the highest recidivist rate, or the highest repeat offender rate of any crime… is among sex offenders”(Allen). Sexual crime has the highest recidivism rate or highest repeat offender rate of any crime - even higher than murderers or armed robberies , in the state of Virginia alone. Usually there are standards for a particular offense which allows punishment for the same crime to be the same but in some states only higher level sex offenders are made to register. “Harsher penalties for sex offenders are essential to protect the public because sex offenders are often likely to re-offend than other types of criminals”(Allen). Longer sentences are ways to prevent repeat sex offenders. In the state of Florida , the minimum of 25 years to life in prison for repeat offenders to be followed by electronic monitoring for the rest of their life (Thierer, Aelama). In addition, there is small amount if states that already have laws that allow their state to commit a sex predator to serve additional time beyond the sentenced imposed at the time of sentencing. This is called a Civil Commitment , which is ordered when there is enough evidence to show that the offender is a great threat to society (Sex Offender and Public Policy). North Carolina is supports the death sentence for repeat offenders. Therefore making the sentence harsh and long sentences will keep predators off the street and from sexually assaulting someone else for the time being. Prisons also offer programs for treatments that the sexual offender can attend to find helpful ways to prevent the urges to attack. However, there are some people who believe prison will not rehabilitate a sexual offender but will cause more of a bigger problem. Additionally, there are a few people that believe incarceration does nothing to lessen the offender’s sexual attraction or to increase the aptitude of an offender to control his impulses. Chemical castration is a very appropriate punishment for a repeat sex offender.
This method is a term used to describe treatment with a drug called Depo-Provera. Depo-Provera is a common birth control that contains a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone. When this medication is given to repeat offenders it will decrease libido and sexual activity. When the sex offender receives the medication it commands the brain to prevent hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce testerone. A few people feel that castration is