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ITC105 Assignment 1 Template for 201330


It is strongly recommended that you use this template to answer your assignment questions. Your assignments may be electronically marked and returned to you. You may use any other format but this will result in delays in the return of your assignment. Do not edit/delete these instructions. Keep your work in the spaces allocated. By using this template, you will be able to view the criteria we are looking for, and not miss out any important items which are required. Only replace any text in GREEN with your response. Do not AMEND any other text in this document. Keep your responses in the boxes provided. You may insert any comment to the lecturer at the end of the assessment. A sample assignment is available for you to look at, so that you know how to complete these tasks.

Date Due for this Assignment is Wed, 10-April-2013 This assignment carries 25% of course grade*
Extensions may be granted before the due date; please submit evidence as required unless in extenuating circumstances such as hospitalisation, etc. The request should be submitted to your lecturer whose details appear in the Subject Outline. *This includes 3% for online quiz and 5% for blogging/forum activity


Your Name Here Kieu, Doan Vien Your Student ID 11505834 Your Email
Enter your full name by replacing the green text above. Do the same with your Student ID number. Do not delete any other text on this page.

Grand Total: 0


You are to select a topic of interest here. Insert the topic you wish to choose into the box below. This semester (201230), the topics given to you are:
Business Opportunities in Asia Mobile Phone Ownership Performing Arts in High Schools Food & Beverage Promotion Hospitality Management

Enter your selected topic above here (just one) Food &beverage Promotion Your next task is to narrow down this topic. If you are unsure how to do this, watch the video “Narrowing Your Topic” (it’s in Resources) or read the associated material. You may change or refine this topic further down the road. So don’t worry about it being a temporary one.

Your Refined Sub-Topic Area Fast Food Promotion

Research and find three journal articles in the CSU Database. It is located in the CSU Library website. Enter the titles and details of the journals here, in APA 6th edition format. You will find that you need to learn the style guide. Your Supplementary Text (Faigley) helps you or go online.

First Journal Article Vignali, C. (2001), McDonald’s: think global, act local – the marketing mix, British Food Journal, 103(2), 97 – 111.

Second Journal Article Banerjee, S., Yancey, S., (2010), Enhancing mobile coupon redemption in fast food campaigns, Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 4(2), 97 – 110.

Third Journal Article Eagle, L., Brennan, R., (2007), Beyond advertising: in-home promotion of “fast food”,

ITC105 201330

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Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers, 8(4), 278 – 288.

You will use these journal articles to write your structured report. So please keep copies of these articles.

Extend your search by including five other sources of information relating to your topic below. They can be conference papers, newspaper articles, magazines, etc. Enter them in APA 6th edition style correctly.

Additional Article 1 Richards, T. J. and Padilla, L., Promotion and Fast Food Demand. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 91(1), 168-183.

Additional Article 2 Dhar, T., & Baylis, K. (2011). Fast-Food Consumption and the Ban on advertising Targeting Children: The Quebec Experience. Journal Of Marketing Research (JMR), 48(5), 799-813.

Additional Article 3 Elliott, G., Rundle-Thiele, S., & Waller, D. (2012). Marketing (2nd ed). Australia: John Wiley & Sons.

Additional Article 4