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Learning Area: BHCS
Module/Unit: Research Skills Literature review
Course: Access to Early Years L3
Length of Session: 1hr

Week Number: 2

SoW Reference: 1

Room 521
Start of Lesson Activities
(recapping, linking, homework activities, starter activities, objective setting, etc)
Welcome the class
Recap of last lesson through questions and answer
Starter Activity – Discuss basic percentages/types of numbers

Learning Objectives (list the objectives to be covered by the end of the lesson)
By the end of the lesson all students will be able to :
1. Revise planning appropriate research methods/ design and procedures in LO2 – to plan and carry out research project.
2. Explain referencing procedures in literature review.
3. Use a search engine to locate information for a purpose.

Most students will be able to :
Discuss Literature review and the purpose of it.

Some students will be able to :
Navigate websites using hyperlinks, forwards and back.
Add a website to the favourites list.

Teaching and Learning activities related to the learning objectives
Teaching and learning activities
(time allocated for each activities)

10 minutes

30 minutes


10 minutes

(exposition, demonstration, presentation, group activities, assessment, feedback and review, etc)

Starter Activity- Disclosing research topic
Class discussion and feed back.
Teacher review.

Teacher will explain what a literature review is, its purpose, what should built into literature review and finally examples of previous studies and the use of references.
Individual work – think about how to conduct a literature review.
State different types of research and what they stand for.

Teacher summary and class feedback.
(support strategies, extension tasks, bespoke resources, etc)

Each individual student discloses the research topic they intend to work on.
Less able learners prompted by teacher to share their ideas to support those who have not yet made their minds up.
Teacher uses power point and verbal explanation for emphasis.
Students will identify where their literature review will come from.

Students will write down one area of their research for the literature review.
Identify different types of research e.g. primary and secondary.
Teacher provides one-to-one support with less able learners to assist learning
Learners discuss how to use a search engine to locate information. Learner good at ICT will volunteer to explain to the class about navigating websites.

Teacher reviews through verbal explanation.

Assessment of learning linked to lesson objectives
(formative, summative, observation, written, presentation, review, etc)
Objective 1: Questions and Answers, Teacher observation
Objective 2: Teacher exposition, verbal feedback from individuals, Questions and Answers.
Objective 3: Individual activity, Teacher observation, Written and verbal feedback from individuals
Objective 4: Class discussion
Objective 5: Questions and Answers, individual presentation and feedback.

ECM and Equal Opportunities
(impact on learners, action planning, etc)
Every child matters states that every child, whatever their background or circumstances, should have the support they need to: be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive