Research: Sociology and fast Changing World Essay

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Topic 1: Education is extremely important and students therefore have to focus on their studies at the university.
Education important for each individual
Students have knowledge and skill – ensure their future with good jobs
People: form the suitable personality- contribute to community.
Solve all problems + develop the society
As a matter of fact, education has long been considered as the most crucial requirement for people to live and work in the knowledge – based society today and all people especially students have to pay more attention to this mission. First of all, many people strongly believe that that students themselves should make constant effort to learn new things, obtain/ gain as much knowledge as possible so that they are able to secure their life with well-paid jobs in the future. Nowadays, many recruiters prefer well-educated employees and they are willing to give them the high income or better working conditions. Besides, it is obvious that education play the key role in shaping people’s personality. To be more specific, with the high education level students will be fully aware of their right and duty, they will know how to interact with others properly and make full use of their ability to contribute to countries. In the long run, countries get back positive outcome from them. Last but not least, there is no doubt that all social problems will be handled/ solved/ tackled when people understand and observe the social order. The more knowledge and skills people gain, the more chances countries can get to develop significantly.
Topic 2: many people know that children really need the care and guidance from parents but they are quite irresponsible for this task.
Today parents too busy – not enough time
Children : not close to parents as they used to
Mistakenly believe that: provide a lot of money
Impact: children really and love, too young
Seriously: get divorced – negatively impact
As a matter of fact, living in the fast changing world, parents today appear to be impacted/ influenced/ affected by the pressure of work and life and in some cases, they do not pay enough attention to their children as they used to. Obviously there are many reasons why people complain that the duty of parents is being ignored in the modern society. First of all, to keep up with the increasing living cost, many parents prefer focusing on their career to taking care of their children. They become too busy with their rat race and spending enough time with children seems to be the impossible mission of these people. In the long run, it is really hard for family members to understand others and this is surely the serious problem. Besides, many parents may mistakenly know their responsibility. To be more specific, they think that their duty is providing children with as much money as possible to compensate for their absence. More seriously, the excessive reliance on schools and teachers in educating children is also the main cause of this situation. Last but not least, because of some silly reasons, parents these days may be willing to get divorced and children are, of course, the victims of this situation.
Topic 3: the rising productions of consumer goods may damage our environment.
Companies prefer developing products to focusing on environment/ cut down tree/ exploit natural resources-environment: destroyed
Production process itself: population / release gas and waste
Consumers : excessive consumption
Create a huge amount of wastes
Nowadays, many people strongly/ firmly believe that population is not the possibility or a threat with human life, it is now the unavoidable consequence of our lifestyle and the increasing production of firms could be considered as the root cause of the problem. First of all, to meet the rising demand of the market, companies are required to exploit natural resources to get raw materials such as cutting down trees from forests. However, they are quite