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Research Strategy Paper
August 1, 2011
Lisa Foster

Research Strategy Paper
Time management is a day-to-day life problem that affects most people at work, at school and at home. We live in a very fast paced world that makes it sometimes harder to manage time and make sure that everything gets done in a timely manner. Time management can become an issue when one procrastinates and makes it harder to get everything on the list of things to do checked off. When people procrastinate it makes managing time a problem because things continue to get put off until a deadline is rapidly approaching or has been missed. Procrastination can be overcome by understanding what it is and how to manage it, making time more manageable.
Procrastination can be defined as “the unnecessary delaying of activities that one ultimately intends to complete, especially when done to the point of creating emotional discomfort.” (Eun Hee, S., 2011) According to Atkinson there are many reasons why people procrastinate including lacking the confidence to complete the task, worrying about failing at the task given, lacking the skills necessary to complete the task or simply because the task seems unclear or have vague time limes. (Atkinson, 2009) Because of the obstacles the tasks given may not be completed due to procrastination; by not completing the task and when procrastinating occurs the control of time management is lost.
When researching procrastination and time management the articles that will come up will most likely be similar in the sense that procrastination causes the loss of time management and in order to have control of time management procrastination needs to be minimal. There are many articles and books such as How to Overcome Procrastination by Ralph Piccarelli and Time Management Tools by Frank Atkinson that will give tips on how to eliminate procrastination so you gain control of time management. How to Overcome Procrastination says that procrastination is a roadblock that stymies the vehicle of success, is something that is intangible and it upsets purposeful intentions to the point of frustration. (Piccarelli, 2003)
Procrastination causes stress so it is important to recognize the problem and make the necessary steps to eliminating it. Atkinson says that when a task is given and you are not looking forward to tackling it the best strategy is to get started early. He mentions that the task is usually not as bad as anticipated and it rids stress by getting the task completed right away. Another great tip given in Time Management Tools is to make a list of things that need to be completed for the day, week or month; then go back to the list and prioritize it so it is clear as to what is the most important thing to complete; then get started right away. (Atkinson, 2009)
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