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Marie Arma
Experimental Research Study

An experimental research study is an experiment that has a “cause and effect” relationship and a control. To have a good experimental research study, you want to have a minimum of 100 people in your study. I have designed an experimental research study on a group of 100 college students attending Gateway Community College. The experimental research study is on determining whether students who study for an exam receive a better grade as opposed to students who do not study for an exam. We are doing this study to find out what studying methods are better to get better grades in class.
A hypothesis is a testable prediction. My hypothesis in this experimental study is that if students study for an exam/test then they will receive a good grade. An independent variable is a variable in an experimental study that is changed between groups. The independent variable in this study is students who study for an exam/test. A dependent variable is the outcome, measurement, or effect of the study. The dependent variable in this experimental study is a good grade (meaning A or B). A control group does not receive or change in the experimental study. The control group in this experimental study would be the students who do not study. An experimental group is the group who receives the independent variable. In this study the experimental group are the students who study for the exam/test.
We are conducting this experimental research study at Gateway Community College. Out of the student population we are taking a sample of 100 students randomly selected by a computer system to partake in our study. Out of this sample we have randomly assigned students by a computer system into groups: the experimental group and the control group. Fifty students of the sample group will be studying for an upcoming general test that we will give notes on in the class. The other fifty students of the sample group will not be given the notes and will not study for the upcoming test but will be in class. One week after the class we will ask the entire sample group to meet and take the general test.
The results of this experimental study were as follows: 30 students received an A, 15 received a B, 20 received a C, 25 received a D and 10 received an F on the exam.