Research: The Iced Tea Debate

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015
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The Iced Tea Debate The Salty Soup The Fire Bug Predictions—What do you think will happen?
Iced Tea Debate- I think the tea will be much better when its cooler!
The Salty Soup- I think its going to be more salty because he had turn the heat up which had the particles including the salt move around more and made the salt more taste able. My hypothesis is that he did put the correct amount of water and salt but as he put it on the heat it some of the liguid evaporated into the air.
The Fire Bug- Hypotheses: Why is the persons from warm, but the other person back is cold? I think the persons front is warm because all the heat is on her and she is warming up her hot dog and the other persons back is cold because the heat is only on his front part!
Hypotheses: Why are bugs flying near the fire, but not far from the fire? Because Bugs love light and its radiation from the fire keeps them warm also and the light it is giving off. Observations—What did you see happening in each demonstration?
Iced Tea Debate- I see them put a thermometer in the tea take it to the freezer and see the results when they come back which was that physically it formed into a solid but chemically it probably tasted the same! Well actually it does taste the same. So there was no chemical changed.
The Salty Soup-I see the two guys put on their chef hat :) Then they measure the water to make sure he put a correct amount to make his soup. They fix the soup by adding more water because they only had 1 liter of water instead of having 1.5. And now the soup tastes much better! They did it. The Fire Bug- I observed that the heat is strengthing them in the front by making them hot. And the person in the back is not near him and not getting bite my bugs because he is not near the heat or light.
Conclusion—What was demonstrated here?
(circle or highlight the statement(s) that describe the changes you observed)
Iced tea Debate- The statement I made was false, because it didn’t chemically change when it got cooler. It was just harder to drink! So it couldn’t have tasted much better like I stated in my prediction because it didn’t chemically change! I learned that the tea can be physically changed but not chemically changed. It was physically changed because it became frozen and wasn’t a liquid anymore but it was not chemically changed because it still tasted the same. So it should've just stayed how it was in the beginning so they were able to drink it :)
Salty Soup- The conclusion was that some of the water had left because he had put it on the heat which caused some of the water to evaporate you may say. So again the conclusion is that they heat had made the soup more salty because it had caused it to have less water.
The Fire Bug- Im not sure if the video was complety done because it only showed 2 parts of the video or demonstration. But my conclusion would be that the two people were warm on there