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Jimi Poindexter
Research Paper

In General I believe that a Career Portfolio should include all of the following:

Cover letter
Details on qualifications
Work History
Contact information

For my particular work line of work I would include these as a necessity. These are necessary to avoid being put into a position I would be over qualified for.

References from side business
Layout of custom built machines

1. A cover letter is a necessity and gives the potential employer an inside look into who I am as a candidate aside from my resume.
2. My resume is essential as it shows my basic qualifications to the employer.
3. Detailing my qualifications is a great way of showing not only qualifications but also detailing them showcasing my knowledge.
4. You have to show your work history as this indicates your dedication and also your experience.
5. References are not completely necessary but are a good helper as it puts the employer in contact with people or businesses who can vouch for your abilities.
6. Contact information is necessary, this seems obvious but mostly so you can be reached in the even the employer needs to do so for various reason.
7. Certifications, listing certifications shows the employer which you have and shows your knowledge in the area of the certification.
8. I personally have references from my side business which showcase my talents and my abilities. These to me are vital. They are life blood of