Cold War Research Paper

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This research paper will talk about the Cold War. There are so many different topics that could be discussed about the Cold war, but these are the topics that the paper will consist of: The role women played on their community, government corruption, the United States Navy, the European Union, who the “winner was, if there was one at all, the role the Soviet Union played, how the Middle East was effected, and how New was involved in this. Women may not have actually influenced anything that happened in the Cold War, but they were able to hold together their communities. Without them no one knows what may have happened to the different communities. Government corruption is one of the main reasons this war even occurred. Had it not been for corruption this may have never occurred and many different live could’ve been saved. The United States navy during the Cold War has very little known about it during the time of the Cold War. The navy actually played a very significant role. The European Union was created in consequence of the Cold War. The United States maybe the in disputed so called winners of this war, but does anyone wonder why? The Soviet Union was the direct cause of the Cold War. The Middle East was created and all the different issues that exist today. New York became the center of the world market. Women played perhaps a very significant role during the Cold War by holding their families together and also keeping their communities from crumpling into apart. One example of this would be the women from the Middle East; they were able to keep their families united even though a vast majority of the families were being relocated to the different regions of the area to where they had never lived. During this process they were abandoning many of their different customs, beliefs, and also their ancient artifacts they were leaving behind; this was possibly one of the toughest things that they may ever go through and the women were able to keep their family together. "Instead of fighting each other, [the soldiers] turned to fighting members of the community" (Culina). This quote means that soldiers were becoming frustrated or angered during this war therefore they began to take it out on their friends, family, or other people close to them. Most women were most likely to identify with a certain side and not be open to what anyone has to say about the opposing side. Most women believe that war, more specifically the Cold War, begins with men who are power hungry which in turn leads to corruption of the government. Almost every government has some form of corruption but for every government it is a different type of corruption. During the Cold War different people were writing about the end of time. A majority of the people who were interviewed they kept saying that the view of Americans wasn’t the only one that mattered. This means that these people were trying to tell everyone that there is a whole planet full of people who have opinions on different events that are occurring and they should be heard just as much as any Americans. The moral component of liberty is very important to society. Liberty is not only important because it allows us to be free, but from the moral perspective it shows us that we are capable of doing anything we put our mind to and the only one that can stop us is ourselves. Unfortunately, not all governments are like this so it affects the lives of several different people because they don’t have the same freedom that the Americans have which is the cause of why so many different countries want to “take out America”. Now that the European Union has been created they make the decisions for all the countries thy represent. While they try to be a democratic government, it is still made up of diplomats and bureaucrats. Political