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ENGLISH 1302 Hybrid 8 Week Block 2 Stafford CLASS – Fall 2013

Students may choose to participate in a “Service Learning Project” in lieu of writing Essay #2 (the “timed” 2 hour midterm essay). This assignment is designed to take learning “out of the classroom” and allows for students to contribute to the community by providing much needed services. Volunteer service is a rewarding activity and could potentially aid students in their careers by providing hands-on experience in a number of fields. Students who choose this option need to notify the instructor in writing of their intention to do this -- deadline for written notification {11/02/13}.

1) Setting Up Volunteer Schedule (Required): Students need to make contact with a representative of one of the listed Community Service Sites to set up a volunteer schedule -- this must be done within the first two weeks of class.

2) Logging Volunteer Hours (Required): All students must complete a minimum of 12 logged hours of volunteer service and the “Service Learning Program: Community Service Time-Log” Sheet needs to be maintained to verify these hours. This form needs to be signed by an on site authorized representative and a business card needs to be attached at the upper left hand corner of the hand-out. This sheet will be turned in at the end of the semester along with the required essay. The instructor will also verify the student’s participation and number of hours completed. Please Note: If students complete 15 hours of volunteer work, they can receive a special designation on their official transcript indicating they have completed volunteer hours through this project.

3) Writing Service Learning Journal Entries (Optional): Students may substitute up to 3 standard Reading Notebook Journal Entries with Service Learning journal topics. In other words, students may write about their Service Learning experience in journal format. Each journal needs to meet the 300 typed word minimum and needs to be related to the Service Learning Project.*PLEASE NOTE: Students are not required to complete these journal entries – you may choose to complete the reading journals as assigned to all other students in the class. This is an optional portion of the SLP.

Journal Topic Suggestions:
a) What have you learned by volunteering?
b) What specific contributions have you made to the community?
c) What are the connections between the hands-on volunteer experience and your HCCS education?
d) Write a comparison/contrast entry detailing the similarities and/or differences between Service Learning and learning in the traditional classroom setting.
e) How will this volunteer service help you in your career?
f) Why should people volunteer in their communities?
g) Has volunteering changed your view of societal issues?
h) Has volunteering changed your life on a personal level?

You may use the list above to brainstorm “volunteer” journal topics on your own. In addition, you may choose to write “progress reports” of your volunteer activities. These journals may also serve as “prewriting” activities to prepare you for your final Service Learning Project Essay.

4) Service Learning Essay Guidelines: Students will be required to write a well organized essay detailing their Service Learning Project. The volunteer essay Final Draft needs to be posted in mycomplab by the start of class on Saturday, 12/13/13, and will be substituted for Essay #2 (i.e. students will not be required to write Essay #2 – the “timed” in class midterm essay). Students must post a rough draft with their final draft to receive full credit for this assignment (length of final draft 750-1,000 typed words, MLA style). Due dates and detailed directions are posted in the SLP RD and SLP FD assignment dropboxes in mycomplab. Please be sure to complete a copy of