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Controversy of the Online Class

Professor: Steve Lindeman
ENL 213
Wensi Zeng


Online courses have started within the past 30 years as a means of learning. With increases in Internet use, many U.S. schools offer online classes. Because of the main disparities amid online course and face to face instruction, numerous questions have been brought forth in regard to the quality of online courses. This research will help American college students to understand the difference between online classes and face-to-face courses, and give them an idea that how effective that online classes are. Therefore, the leading research question of this study is what advantages and disadvantages of
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Online classes provide a more customized and individualized manner of instruction. This is because learners are not distracted by classmates and in cases where they communicate with their instructor.

Possibility for creativity

Studying online provides students with the possibility for being creative. Creativity in terms of the manner through which they study and facilitate understanding of what they are taught. In a face-to-face class, students depend on the instruction and direction of their instructors in understanding and studying their course because the instructor breaks a course into topics and guides students through to the conclusion of the course. On the contrary, online classes leave such responsibility to students, who have to creatively determine the manner through the course material that they will study (Abdous, & Miki, 2010).

Disadvantages of online classes

Lack of interpersonal skill growth

Online courses normally mandate no face-to-face communication with classmates or instructors. Information on coursework is posted online and might be finished at will without the need to attend classes. Even though, the freedom of this idea is good, it takes away from social skills, which students are required to acquire in unison with schooling. When in a classroom, learners might need to communicate their understanding on a topic. They might be expected to provide presentations or speeches. They will be required to work in teams with